This web page was created as a personal project of Andrés Vicente, who is currently the webmaster and a fanatic music lover of the harmonica.

The intention of this website is the preservation and advancement of knowledge of the harmonica world.

All the information located here is sent by fans and art lovers to play the harmonica since 1999 when this project began.

The objectives of this place are to promote, develop and advance the art of playing the harmonica, all this to help keep us in touch and informed, mainly for Spanish speakers and the best source of world information on the harmonica of our warm country in English.

Currently the information on this website is provided and maintained by a community of those harmonica lovers who willingly keep the story alive and the sound of this instrument, always with positive thoughts and open ideas that can evolve the world of harmony.

Therefore, for this reason, we accept to receive all the interesting information, studies, reports of discs, articles, reports, thoughts, chronicles of concerts, etc., that you can kindly send us, both in Spanish and in English and hosted. within their respective sections.

Andrés Vicente, Jordi Odena, Maurici Morera and Andrés García

Collaborators are wellcome, if you want to collaborate, sending news of new album, comment, performance, interview, all that has a place in Harmonica Spain.

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