Harmonica and history

Christina Friedrich Ludwing Buscamnn (1805-1864) invented the mouth harmonica in the year 1821, when she was building a small wind instrument with free reeds that was to serve her for studies on the influence of air on the formation of sound. He gave this instrument in the name of “Aura” and used it for the tuning of the organs. A year later he completed his “Aura” with a vertical leather bellows, to have his hands free for his work. A builder of musical instruments, Cyrillus Demian, of Vienna (1772-1847) continued to develop this primitive form and built the first accordion (1829). After several detours the “Viennese mouth harmonica”, came again to Germany and then began in Trossingen perfected this harmonica in the year 1827.

Mas late the watchmaker Matthias Hohner was interested in this instrument and manufactured it in the workshop of his property since 1857. In Spain it was adapted as a musical instrument by D. Joaquim Fusté Alcalá in 1950, achieving with the ensemble “Les Akord’s” in 1955 in Whiterthur (Switzerland), 1957 in Luxembourg and in 1960 Pavia (Italy), the title of world champion.


Harmonica and its history (354 pages)
Our drummers
National and global competitions
The virtuosos to the speech
A consultative library (more than 700 recordings 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33 rpm)
Soloists-Trios and harmonica ensembles (more than 500 interpreters of this instrument)
The production of the harmonicas Hohner-Trossingen
The harmonica and the Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock
Technics of the harmonica
Analysis of an era

By Joaquin Fuste Alcala

Winterthur World Champion (Switzerland 1955-56)

Luxembourg World Champion (1957-58)

Pavia World Champion (Italy 1960)

Professor graduated by E.N.A.I. Rome Italy)

Owner of the shop where all kinds of harmonicas are repaired, tuned, etc. La Clave de Sol

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