Titanium body adaptable to Hohner diatonic harmonicas

by Andrés Vicente

Again we start from the same situation as for the construction of bodies of Hohner chromatic models, sheet metal acquisition, design, cutting and adaptation, machining, grinding, adjustment and finally coating, to make titanium bodies for diatonic harmonicas Hohner ..

The construction of the bodies for harmonics is relatively simple, since taking as a starting point the bodies of the original models modifications are applied for improvements and greater comfort. The models that we will detail here cover the most common models of the Hohner brand, from the MS, the Classic and the golden Melody, these three designs being the most popular today.

Marine Band Classic

MS System

Golden Melody

With these three designs, sheets are cut to obtain the raw body, after which the holes through which the tongue plates are fixed with screws are made.

In the next phase, on the lower face of the body, a slit is machined to obtain enough free space to arrange the part that protrudes from the rivets towards the bodies, as well as having enough space in case of replacing a rivet with a screw in the fixing of the tongue, in which case, the head of this screw would be lodged in this sufficient space.

In the next step the front face of the body is rectified, thus leaving better comfort for contact with the lips and mouth, as well as the edges are sanded and sanded to obtain rounded edges, again for our best comfort.

The rest of the faces are also filed, sanded or rectified in different points for a better handling and perfect finish.

The new and recent Marine Band Classic DeLuxe models can also receive the replacement of these bodies, as they are new harmonics based on the previous Marine Band Classic, only some holes of the body screws must be enlarged or slightly displaced, to be mounted this body .

As a final part, the bodies receive the TiN coating, obtaining this result and final appearance, of which 125 Euros is the final price.

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