PT Gazell esta planeando viajar por España del próximo 15 de septiembre al 13 de octubre 2009, asistiendo a las jams que estén a su alcance así como clases/masterclass si hay ocasión, si alguien esta interesado en ver/encontrarse a este interesante armonicista aquí os dejo su mensaje:

Greetings Andres,
I am considering a trip to Spain this September. I am trying to arrange some performance dates and possibly a workshop/clinic or two. I play mostly traditional jazz along with selections from the “Great American Songbook.” While this in itself is not that unusual, playing it on diatonic harmonica puts quite a different slant on it. The bottom line is that audiences are quite taken with the music I present. My latest CD “Back To Back,” which is a duet with Brendan Power, has been getting nice airplay here on our NPR stations across the country. I was fortunate to tour China and New Zealand last Fall, and got great reviews and was very well received. I will send you my EPK (electronic press kit) in a separate email. There are reviews, photos, music clips and a bio. I am also including in this email some video clip links that should be a pretty good example of what I have to offer.

Right now, I am planning to be in Spain from September 15th to October 13th. I would be open to any ideas you might have on how to get some exposure in Spain. I normally work with a guitarist and or pianist, drummer and bass player. Perhaps there is a club which has a house band that might want to have me do one set for a few nights in a row. This is just one thought…I would like to hear yours.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and help. Here are some video clips:
PT Gazell
[email protected]

Artist Information


PT Gazell…..Harmonica
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Bass


PT Gazell has earned his position as a master of the diatonic harmonica by taking the long way around from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to Nashville, Tennessee…

First picking up the instrument in his late teens, the Wisconsin-born, self-taught player honed his craft by taking on all manner of musical styles and traveled a circuit that included bluegrass, folk, pop festivals and gigs.  His instinctive musicality allowed him to explore and expand his repertoire and achieve a lofty level of mastery very quickly.

Still early in his musical evolution, Gazell found his way to Lexington, Kentucky in the mid-seventies.  At the time Lexington was a hotbed of young bluegrass musicians and PT fell right in with the likes of Ricky Skaggs, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck and others… “There were great places to play and appreciative audiences.  If you were not playing out, you could always sit in at a hot jam session. David Grisman, Tony Rice and Keith Whitley were regular visitors and only added to the buzz.”

While in Lexington, PT recorded his first album for Sugar Hill Records, “Pace Yourself…” Recorded with an all-star lineup it is this recording that announced PT Gazell’s genius to the world. PT was the first harmonica player, and the second artist, to be honored with a recording contract with famed Sugar Hill Records. His total and complete mastery of the diatonic harmonica can be heard on this seminal recording, which set the bar for all other players who followed.

Gazell soon became a sought after side man and session player for some of Nashville’s biggest stars and spent the next part of his career playing and recording all over the world along side the stars of the day.  “As exciting and fun as that period was, I also began to get somewhat frustrated”

Tired by the road and frustrated by the musical limitations presented by the standard diatonic harmonica, Gazell, much like saxophone great Sonny Rollins before him, disappeared for a while and put his instrument down.

When he finally reemerged it was with a newfound enthusiasm in part created by his introduction to valved harmonicas. Using self-valved harps, Gazell’s music literally soared to new heights as this new approach allowed him access to musical possibilities hidden on standard diatonic harmonicas.  “Suddenly I was able to play exactly what I had always heard.  The valves unlocked the door.”
And PT came out swinging…  His first recording using the valved diatonic is a masterful swing record entitled, “Swingin’ Easy… Hittin’ Hard” that PT released in 2005.  Gazell’s playing on this record begs comparisons to jazz greats Benny Goodman and Ben Webster.  The record spurred a brand new interest in PT and soon he was back on the road, only this time fronting various combinations of jazz and swing musicians.  Critics and fans alike hailed Gazell’s return to live performing and “Swingin’ Easy… Hittin’ Hard” quickly became a favorite at NPR stations across the United States.

In 2008 Gazell and New Zealand chromatic harmonica wizard, Brendan Power, teamed up for a swinging, soaring, dynamic sonic masterpiece CD entitled, “Back To Back.”  Gazell’s work on this once-in-a-lifetime masterwork shows a man at the top of his game.  The CD features standards and jazz classics reinterpreted by two of the world’s most gifted instrumentalists.

Gazell followed with a triumphant Chinese Tour that introduced his music to scores of new fans around the world.  The Chinese revere the harmonica, yet in this enormous country full of spectacular harmonica players, none had ever been exposed to Gazell’s unique approach.  He opened their eyes and ears to a whole new way of playing and a whole new way of thinking about the harmonica. When asked why he was so well received, Gazell said: “I think the harmonica and its sound are in the Chinese people’s DNA.”  Gazell found himself in great demand as a performer, lecturer, and television personality while in China.

Gazell returned to the States and continued touring.  He has plans for a European Tour that will put him in front of some of the most discriminating harmonica aficionados in the world; a challenge that PT welcomes.

As he makes plans for his U.S. dates and European Tour, Gazell is also planning his next recording.  It is a certainty because of his nature and his talent that Gazell will elevate his art to an even higher plane with each track he lays down.  PT likes to think of his projects as “an on going musical conversation between myself and my fans.” Judging by the music he delivers, he’s quite a compelling and articulate speaker.

While pioneering new roads for the humble little wind instrument, PT has certainly not forgotten those that went before him. Recently asked to play at Charlie McCoy’s induction ceremony into the Country Music Hall Of Fame PT reflected, “I consider this to be a huge honor given the fact that Charlie has inspired so many other harmonica players, including me.”

The teenager from Wisconsin has come to Tennessee and along the way this boy wonder has become a man who has mastered his voice.  His playing is unequaled… No other player combines his phrasing, his melodic style, his song choices and his improvisational abilities…  His singular style may draw comparisons to others, but in the end, it is a style all his own.

PT Gazell has spent his life on a self-styled musical journey.  His continuing search means years of joy to come for fans of great music and great musicians.  If the past is any indication one thing is for sure, this humble harmonica magician will continue to surprise and amaze us on stage and in recordings, and he will continue to spread joy every time he lifts his harp and plays.


PT Gazell “Back To Back” 2008 with Brendan Power
PT Gazell & the side effects “Swingin’ Easy…Hittin’ Hard”
PT Gazell “Pace Yourself”


Andrés Vicente; melómano, músico aficionado, loco de la armónica su música y sus bricolajes, recientemente descubrió lo bailable que puede ser toda la música interpretada por la armónica, y aún con lo anterior inquieto indagador en la música y lo que ella conlleva.

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